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Kindergarten Readiness Assessment - Literacy (KRA-L)


Please note: The KRA-L will be replaced in 2014-15 by a new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. The Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge includes a requirement that participating states develop a kindergarten entry assessment. Ohio is partnering with Maryland to develop a comprehensive assessment that includes more domains of school readiness: social foundations; physical well-being and motor development; language and literacy; mathematics; science; social studies; and the arts. The arts aspect will be voluntary in Ohio; since this area is not covered in Ohio's new Early Learning and Development Standards.

The assessment system will include both preK and kindergarten diagnostic measures that will be administered as the school year begins. Neither will prevent enrollment.

A preview of Ohio's New Kindergarten Readiness Assessment was provided at the 2013 Ohio Education Conference. See also the Early Learning Challenge Collaborative website and the BUILD Initiative website for more information.

The new Kindergarten Readiness Assessment will be administered statewide by Fall 2014. Updates will be posted to this page as available.

All Ohio kindergartners attending public schools are assessed at the start of the school year with a tool developed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment - Literacy (KRA-L) measures skill areas important to becoming a successful reader. It also helps teachers plan for experiences and lessons that encourage reading.

The KRA-L assesses oral language, rhyming, letter identification and alliteration-elements identified as essential for reading. The KRA-L is composed of 6 activities that include:

Ohio Department of Education uses three performance bands to score results:

How Can Libraries Use KRA-L Data?

Public libraries partner with chldren's most important teachers - parents and caregivers - to prepare every child to be a successful learner. Finding the KRA-L scores for the students in your community will help you assess the level of need for library-based early literacy interventions such as Ohio Ready to Read Parent Workshops. To find the KRA-L scores by district in your county, go to the Ohio Department of Education KRA-L page and scroll down to "Aggregate Data Reports and Related Resources". The KRA-L page also has several helpful resources available for download, including a Family Guide to Understanding Early Reading Skills.