Ohio Early Literacy Crosswalk

The Ohio Early Literacy Crosswalk helps librarians and early childhood professionals work with four early literacy frameworks: ECRR1, ECRR2, Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards, and Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework Outcomes.

Librarians can use the Crosswalk to relate ECRR concepts to the benchmarks used by Head Start staff and other early childhood educators.  This helps librarians to communicate the relevance of library programs and services using the language of early childhood educators.   It also helps librarians to understand what young children are expected to learn and be able to do in early education settings, which in turn can help inform library programs.

Wondering how to integrate the best from ECRR1 and ECRR2 into your early literacy work? Use the Crosswalk to work with the Six Skills and Five Practices together, and discover how they fit with the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards and with Head Start Outcomes.

Visit the Ohio Early Literacy Crosswalk.



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