Free Self-Paced Media Literacy Course

Digital Storytime: Kids, Apps, and Libraries is a FREE professional development course offered by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Digital Storytime is a self-paced, module-based online learning experience. The content includes game-design elements to both increase participant motivation as well as model the appeal of apps designed for children. The course is set up as a journey through four destinations--The Village of How, the Forest of Why, Which Mountain, and the Bay of Where. Each destination answers a key question-- why librarians should learn about apps, how to use apps in libraries, which apps are best, and where to find the best apps.

The content was created, adapted, and designed for the online learning platform by Carissa Christner of the Madison Public Library and Gemma Cynric-Veldey and Tessa Michaelson Schmidt of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 

Ohio librarians: this course covers much of the same material as the Ohio Digital Media Literacy training offered around the state in 2016, but if you took that training, Digital Storytime would be a great refresher course, and an opportunity to share the content with colleagues.

Learn more and take the course here:
Ohio Library Council                    State Library of Ohio