Celebrating Ohio Book Awards & Authors Grant Program

The State Library of Ohio is pleased to offer this special program, through which libraries have an opportunity to apply for LSTA grant funds to expand their collections to include more Ohio book award winners and Ohio authors, incorporate programming, and expand community engagement and awareness of the state’s rich literary offerings and award programs. Early literacy-related projects eligible for this grant may include:

  • Purchasing multiple copies of an award-winning picture book to allow parents and caregivers to do hands-on practice while you model dialogic reading and other techniques;
  • Adding copies of all the recent K-2 Buckeye Book Award winners to your collection, and creating a program for young children based on the Buckeye Book Awards;
  • Purchasing copies of some or all of the Choose to Read Ohio selections for young children from 2009 to the present, and building a Choose to Read Ohio display in your early childhood area;
  • Whatever great ideas you develop for programming with award-winning books!

The Celebrating Ohio Book Awards & Authors grant program has a maximum award of $1,000, up to $750 of which may be used to improve a library’s collection of Ohio award-winning books and authors from a selected list including recent Buckeye Book Award and Ohioana Book Award winners, Choose to Read Ohio titles, and others. Proposals for the Celebrating Ohio Book Awards & Authors grant program are due March 22, 2017.

Learn more and apply: https://library.ohio.gov/services-for-libraries/lsta-grants/#AvailableGrants

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