Early Literacy 101 Online Workshop, March 11 and 18

Ohio Ready to Read trainers are scheduling online Early Literacy 101 workshops during the public health emergency. The next opportunity is coming up in March and registration is open:

Early Literacy 101 Online Workshop
Thursdays, March 11 and 18, 2:00-4:00 pm each day
This workshop is free for any Ohio public library worker. Register via NEO-RLS:
https://mms.neo-rls.org/Calendar/moreinfo_responsive.php?eventid=60484&org_id=NEOL (part 1, March 11)
https://mms.neo-rls.org/Calendar/moreinfo_responsive.php?eventid=60486&org_id=NEOL (part 2, March 18)
Be sure to register for both dates.

See the Early Literacy 101 page for more information about this workshop!

Source URL: https://www.ohreadytoread.org/early-literacy-101-online-workshop-march-11-and-18