Early Literacy 101

This is a free hands-on workshop to help library staff build a firm foundation in early literacy. Participants will learn how brain development impacts how young children learn, and will explore effective, research-based early literacy resources and activities.

The workshop covers the Six Early Literacy Skills presented in the PLA/ALSC Every Child Ready to Read® 1st edition, and the Five Early Literacy Practices presented in the 2nd edition, along with other early literacy concepts and tools.

The instructor will help attendees get ready to offer early literacy storytimes and to work with parents and community partners to share early literacy concepts and build community support.

Who will enjoy and benefit from this workshop?

  • Library workers who are new to children's services
  • Department managers or library directors with new children's services staff
  • Outreach staff
  • Newly degreed youth services librarians
  • Any library worker who wants a refresher course in early literacy


Upcoming Early Literacy 101 workshops include:

  • Friday, March 8 at the Brunswick Library, Medina County District Library, 3649 Center Rd. in Brunswick. Registration is open.
  • Thursday, May 16 in Northeast Ohio (details TBA)

 Any Ohio library worker may register and attend. Please note there is a $15 amenities/facility use surcharge for the May 16 workshop, and that lunch will be provided at that workshop.

If you want to offer this workshop for your library staff, an Ohio Ready to Read early literacy trainer can come to your library to lead Early Literacy 101. To be eligible to host a free workshop at your library, you must arrange for 20-35 attendees. You may invite staff from neighboring and area libraries to participate, to reach a minimum of 20 library attendees. You may also open the workshop to area child care workers and other early childhood professionals, up to a maximum of 35 people. If you want to schedule a workshop but have fewer than 20 attendees, we can refer you to experienced independent Ready to Read trainers who can provide this workshop for a modest fee.

To request a workshop, simply complete the training request form.

There is no charge for this workshop if presented by ORTR. However, ORTR cannot guarantee availability of a trainer. If we cannot supply a trainer, we can refer you to experienced independent trainers who can provide this workshop for a modest fee.

Early Literacy 101 is a full-day (6 contact hour) workshop. In some cases, the workshop can be scheduled as two half-day workshops held typically a week apart. When you complete your form, please note if you prefer two half-day workshops.

Learn more about the Early Literacy 101 workshop. See the Ohio Ready to Read article on pp. 16-17 of the Winter 2018 Ohio Libraries Quarterly.


Early Literacy 101 handouts available online include:


Ohio Library Council                    State Library of Ohio