Think, Make, Try - Engineering for Young Children

Think, Make, Try®is a three-step engineering design process designed for young learners ages 3-8 years. It builds upon children’s natural curiosity and supports creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. 

Engineering empowers young children to become problem solvers as they create something that serves a specific purpose. Engineering supports an array of cognitive skills, growth mindset, and empathy. Through the Think, Make, Try process, children express their creativity and collaborate in planning (Think), use different materials to make something new (Make), then test out their ideas and redesign (Try).

You do not need a background in STEM to engage children in early engineering activities. The Think, Make, Try® Toolkit includes activities, tools, worksheets, signage, and other resources to support educators and caregivers. It was developed by the Bay Area Discovery Museum, creators of Reimagining School Readiness. The Toolkit is free, downloadable and printable, and includes Spanish and Chinese versions of child-facing resources.

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